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How it Continues…

Lemony has belonged to the family for six month. Jo and Mosquito learn what it means to own a horse every day.

Nevertheless, they are over the moon and ecstatic about the upcoming carnival procession.

While Samantha has already planned the seemingly perfect costume for Goethe, Jo is still puzzled how she would dress up Lemony.


On the morning of the parade, even Kimba and Trudy could not be recognized anymore.


However, Rose Monday proceeds differently than planned, which leads to big excitement at the stable.


Nobody can concentrate upon the training for the planned equestrian badge. Seba is in despair because every riding lesson ends in chaos.

Jo, Mosquito, Inchi and Esra realize as well that it cannot go on like that and decide to solve the problem together with Luis, on their own.

Will they make it on time or is the equestrian badge in jeopardy? Will Samantha support them? And why does Jo have to dress up Lemony once again?


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